Directory structure

Boostack Documentation Directories
  • config
    The config directory, contains all of your application's configuration files.
    config/env.php contains all the main Boostack configurations and is automatically generated by the setup procedure. By default it is ignored by git because it contains the configurations of a specific environment (for example: development, staging or production).
    config/global.env.php global.env.php contains configurations shared by all possible environments, regardless of whether they are development, staging, or production.
  • lang
    The lang directoy contains a series of JSON file representing the labels and translations of your application.
  • logs
    The logs folder contains auto-generated raw log files.
  • my
    The my directory contains all of your application's custom classes and files.
    The organization of the folders follows the MVC standard (Models, Views, Controllers).
  • public
    The public directory contains the pages, the main controllers and your assets (images, JavaScript, CSS, etc.).
  • vendor
    The vendor directory contains your Composer dependencies and all of the core classes of Boostack.
  • public/setup
    The setup folder contains all the files needed by the automated setup procedure. You MUST delete this folder when you have successfully completed the installation procedure.